In addition to the Self-Determination skills we have embedded into our students’ daily curriculum, in grades 11 & 12 we offer students and their parents/guardians a variety of extracurricular opportunities to prepare for their future.

We strongly encourage students and families to take advantage of the opportunities that are offered which include:

The Grade 12 Transition Portfolio Program is an opportunity for each grade 12 student to meet with a member of the Psychology Team twice to review their psychoeducational assessment and practice self-advocacy

Why is this important? Data from Statistics Canada in 2012 shows that individuals with learning and attention issues are significantly less likely than those without LD/ADHD to complete post-secondary education. Similarly, in the workforce, individuals with LD/ADHD have higher rates of unemployment and underemployment compared to other young adults. The data also shows that they report mental health issues at more than twice the rate of young people without LD. Young adults with LD/ADHD may feel as though the diagnosis(es) no longer apply to them and/or they may be embarrassed to access support services in post-secondary or the workplace.